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Yes, it is possible to cancel your order as long as it is within 3 days of placing the order through our online checkout. A refund will be issued within 14 days of cancellation to the method of payment you used to place the order. If it has been more than 3 days since you placed the order then you may contact us in an attempt to cancel. However, we cannot guarantee cancellation or a full refund. For more information on please take a look at our Cancellation and Return Policy.

Each custom product we offer has the ability to receive a protype before mass production. You must check the prototype option while placing your order to receive a prototype of your custom product. Please note that the prototype does incur an additional fee based on the product you're ordering. Please check the item or product individually to see quantity requirements for a prototype.

We do offer samples to be sent to your residence or business so you can assess the quality of our products in person. The samples are totally free, you just pay for the shipping cost of $20.

All of our custom products have size specifications which are included in the price. If your desired custom design is larger than those specifications, please speak to a sales rep over email at or by phone at (214)699-0541. We may or may not be able to produce your product based on your requests.


Shipping to multiple locations is possible, however you must inform us directly of the number of different locations, as well as the addresses. You will also need to be billed for additional shipping.

Shipping costs depends on how much your order weighs. Some products are heavier than others, and your shipping price will increase the higher your order quantity is. Shipping prices will not change based on your location, and all addresses within the U.S. and Canada will have the same cost.

At You-Goods, we offer two types of shipping. For orders weighing under 2 kg you can choose from either the national Japan Post for longer yet cheaper shipping, or the express courier DHL for faster shipping. Any order that weighs more than 2 kg will only be able to choose shipping through DHL. Shipping times with Japan Post usually takes between 5-10 days, while DHL shipping typically takes between 2-6 days.

Acrylic Keychain

It's a quick dance with time. Typically, producing an acrylic keychain, from design to final product, takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. This includes design conception, cutting, and assembly. But remember, art isn’t a sprint; it’s more like a leisurely stroll with creativity!

Acrylic is a bit of a paradox – strong yet susceptible to scratches. Think of it like a smartphone screen: tough enough for daily use, but it might protest with a scratch or two if you throw it in a bag with keys and coins. A protective case, or in this case, a gentle touch, goes a long way!

Acrylic is an excellent choice for keychains due to its durability, versatility in design, and lightweight nature. It's like the superhero of keychain materials – ready for any design challenge! Just don’t expect it to fly or shoot lasers.

In the grand scheme of eco-friendliness, acrylic is a mixed bag. While it's not the most nature-loving material, it’s durable, which means less frequent replacements. Plus, the rise of recycled acrylic options is like a green thumbs-up for the environment!

Generally, acrylic is skin-friendly for most people. It's like that one friend who gets along with almost everyone, but occasionally someone finds them a bit irritating. If you have sensitive skin, just keep an eye out for any reactions.

Acrylic’s Achilles' heel is its vulnerability to scratches and sensitivity to extreme temperatures. It's like a desert plant – thrives in moderate conditions but wilts under extreme heat or cold.

Buffing out scratches on an acrylic keychain is like giving it a mini makeover. A bit of plastic polish and a soft cloth can often do the trick. It’s like exfoliating – but for keychains, not skin!

Keychain selling can be a lucrative business with the right mix of unique designs, quality products, and savvy marketing. It’s like finding a golden key in the business treasure chest – small but valuable

Yes, keychains can be surprisingly profitable. With low production costs and high appeal, they're like tiny billboards for creativity that can turn a neat profit.

There’s a steady demand for keychains, as they're both practical and a form of personal expression. They’re like the spice rack of accessories – there's something for every taste, and everyone needs at least one!

PVC Keychain

Rubber keychains are typically made from materials like silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Silicone is known for its durability and flexibility, making it resistant to tearing and extreme temperatures. TPE offers rubber-like flexibility and maintains shape consistency, while PVC is a more affordable option but may be less durable and have lower weather resistance

Yes, rubber keychains are highly durable and dependable. Silicone rubber keychains, in particular, offer high durability and flexibility. The durability also depends on the material's quality, thickness (at least 1.5mm is ideal), and the manufacturing process. Properly made rubber keychains can withstand daily use and maintain their integrity over time

To maintain rubber keychains, frequent cleaning and safe storage when not in use are important. This involves protecting them from extreme conditions and handling them with care. If a keychain gets worn out or damaged, replacing it is advisable to maintain its appearance and functionality

Selling custom keyrings can be a profitable business, especially if they are unique and cater to specific interests or niches. The profitability depends on factors like the uniqueness of the design, the quality of materials used, and effective marketing strategies.

Popular types of rubber keychains include printed rubber keychains, often used for business or sports team promotions, custom rubber keychains with unique images and text, and 3D rubber keychains that offer an added level of intricacy and stand out from more traditional designs

When purchasing rubber keychains, consider the durability and quality of the material, the size, shape, and design of the keychain, and the cost, which can vary based on quality and materials used. It's also important to think about the type of rubber keychain that best suits your needs, whether for personal use or promotional purposes

Rubber keychains make excellent and distinctive gifts. They are not only stylish but also highly durable and reliable. Personalized rubber keychains with custom images and text can be particularly meaningful gifts. When choosing a rubber keychain as a gift, it’s important to consider the recipient's tastes and preferences

PVC keychains are a popular and cost-effective option, ideal for those looking for affordability without sacrificing style and functionality. They offer versatility in design and are great for vibrant color representation, making them suitable for a wide range of promotional needs. While they may not be as durable as silicone or TPE keychains, PVC keychains still provide a good balance of quality and value, especially for large-scale promotions and giveaways. Their affordability makes them accessible for a variety of budgets, allowing for creative and widespread branding opportunities.
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